Maria's Haven is a week long healing retreat for domestic abuse survivors in Maine!  Our inaugural retreat we hosted eight women in July, 2016 who participated in the Codes of Hope program in the beautiful setting in Maine.  More to come on our new property in Maine!

The Maria Project launched its long awaited Recording Project in the Fall of 2015!  Conversations regarding safe homes with leaders in the domestic abuse movement over the past 40 years!!!  Interviewees included Judith Kahan, CEO of Center Against Domestic Violence; Paul Feuerstein, CEO of Barrier Free Living; Dr. Yael Danieli; Lena Alsheinie; Luis Matos; and many more!

The Maria Project is proud to be a part of Sanctuary for Families #NoLoveInViolence Campaign, 2014.  Please find the attachment of our Founder and Maria ~ and share on Facebook!

The Maria Project will have a voice at Center Against Domestic Violence's Breakfast on October 23, 2014 for their Healing and Transformation Panel.